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Carolyn Martin

Side Loader Operator, East West Transport

Carolyn Martin

Carolyn Martin is 26 years old and she is from Gumine district, Simbu province. She is the onl;y female side loader operator for East West Transport.

The key responsibilities of a side loader operator include, operating the loader and other heavy equipment in a safe and appropriate manner, performing daily maintenance and safety checks of equipment and operating the Loader on public, or private, roadways among others.

Carolyn has been with East West Transport since November 2016 and highlights that one of her key challenges is having to cope in a male dominated environment. ‘I believe it is important to always have a positive outlook towards challenges we face, she says, ‘if a man can do it, why not we women?’

“As a side loader operator, this position has supported me towards being able to work and communicate with my superiors in a professional way. Personally, I have gained confidence in working among my male counterparts and this has enabled me to develop certain skills and abilities that contribute towards me being more competent at work. I feel that I am an asset who can stimulate the progress of the company and move the country forward to meet the Vision 2050.”

While in this line of work, one of her experiences was having a child, which meant she had to face the challenge of having to take care of her child and earn a living at the same time. “As a single parent I have to work hard so that I am able to provide for my daughter.” Carolyn’s role as a parent to provide for her daughter is what motivates her to keep striving, ‘I want to give my daughter the opportunity to go to school’, she says, ‘and complete it right through to the tertiary level so that she can contribute meaningfully.’

We asked Carolyn if she ever saw herself as a side loader, to which she replied, ‘it never occurred to me that I would end up in this field of work but each year I face inspires me to keep moving forward.’ She attributes her ability to come this far to her mother who has encouraged her to continue and not give up just because she is working in a in a male dominated environment. She expresses that she is truly blessed to have her mother in her life.

Carolyn is looking forward to the day she gets to drive one of the semi-trailers and sees herself capable of supervising a section within the division one day. “So far, I see myself doing bigger and better things in life because of all the challenges I’ve been able to overcome in this career.”

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