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Gabriel Frank

Computer Service Division

Gabriel Frank

“Computer Service Division: 24/7 For you, With you” Gabriel Frank

‘I began as a casual in November 2017 and was later made a permanent employee 6 months later. The Computer Service Division has the morning shift which is 7am to 4pm and the afternoon shift which is from 3pm to 11pm. One challenge I face in my line of work, which seldom occurs is when I’m on night shift and users register their problems which are sometimes beyond my capacity.

I usually, try to get in touch with the appropriate department within the division and in an unlikely case where I am unable to get in touch with them, unfortunately we have to delay resolving the issue till the morning.’ ‘I completed high school in 2010 and was selected to continue my studies at Hagen Technical College in 2011. Unfortunately, I was unable to complete my studies the following year due to financial constraints so I stayed home for a year.

During the time I was out of school I decided to take sports seriously and was selected to join the PNG Marlines which is the National Mens Basketball Team, this was in 2013. During my time as a member of the PNG Marlines I had the opportunity to represent our country in numerous international tournaments, the biggest being the 2015 Pacific Games that was hosted here in Port Moresby. While it was an enjoyable journey, it was difficult balancing professional basketball and work so I resigned from the company I was with at that time.

I decided to pursue my studies at the International Training Institute here in Port Moresby in 2016 but was also unable to complete my studies there due other contributing factors. In 2017, I had the opportunity to work with the Steamships Computer Service Division to which I am grateful for. As I was growing up, I did not see myself in the field of computing. I wanted to be a heavy diesel fitter – that’s why I applied to Hagen Technical College after high school, but that isn’t how things turned out for me. Being here though, has caused my interest in this field to grow and I have been thinking of going back to school to learn more about the hardware aspects of computing.

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