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Community Grants Program

Applications for Steamships Community Grant Program 2020 will close February 28th 2020.

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Priority Areas

The company is seeking applications that target the following activities:

  • Health activities that focus on combatting communicable diseases (those that can be spread from person to person such as TB, measles or malaria) and non-communicable diseases (those that cannot be spread such as cancer or diabetes).
  • Education activities with a focus on a) increasing literacy and b) improving the quality of education.
  • Social Wellbeing with a focus on a) women’s empowerment and protection and b) supporting the most marginalized people in PNG especially the disabled and children.

Both financial and in-kind support will be considered. Applications that do not target one of these areas will not be supported.  Requests for financial support should not exceed a total value of K200, 000 per year over two years. Requests for smaller amounts of funding will have a better chance of success.

You must be an organisation that is registered with the IPA or similar authority. You must also demonstrate clear objectives and outcomes, and articulate how you will monitor, measure, and report activity and results.

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Contact Details

Please send in your completed applications to:

Community Grants Programme
Steamships Trading Company 
Level 5, Harbourside West, Stanley Esplanade
PO Box 1, Port Moresby, NCD 121, Papua New Guinea

Or email the application to:

Steamships Trading Company Limited

Level 5, Harbourside West, Stanley Esplanade

P.O. Box 1
Port Moresby
National Capital District
Papua New Guinea

(675) 3137400