Graduate Development Program

Graduate Development Program

Graduate Development Program 2023

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Applications for 2023 are now closed. Please read the information below to to prepare for 2024.

All applications for the 2023 program will be contacted within the month of June to confirm the status of your application.

Why Our GDP is important to us.

Steamships Trading Company is one of PNG’s biggest multiindustrial  companies to date. 

Our continual growth remains positive, pioneering sustainable  progress in PNG into the 21st century. We lead a diversely, skilled  and agile workforce of over 2500 employees; the energy source of  our business success. 

Our Graduate Development Program aims to attract, develop and  retain our future business leaders with mindsets of innovation and  valour. We value mindsets built with honesty, excellence, respect,  customer focus and sustainability and are in search of team  players looking to build a career with such values. 

We have been in the business for over 100 years, and are still in search for something new- Maybe it's You.

How it Works.

According to Professor D. A. Kolb, 'knowledge results from the  combination of grasping experience and transforming it'. 

Here at Steamships Trading Company, we provide the right  exposure and opportunities to assist your professional development.  In our program, you have four twelve-month rotations in any of  the following industries: Logistics and Transport. Property and Hotels and Corporate HR, Finance and Affairs. 

During each rotation, graduates are challenged to balance multiple  projects and daily department taskings; with minimum supervision  and time. Each rotation is also complemented with structured  classroom sessions led by experienced trainers for soft skill  development and depending on the systems your project might  involve, we'll also equip you with the right training for that too. 

You get to grasp your experience and build your legacy as you  dream it to be- You choose your own story. 

Help and Support.

You know that nervous feeling when you enter a room full of  strangers for the first time and you've got to work with them - we  know that feeling too. 

Our Graduate Development Program offers lots of support.  We have an online sharing platform set up specifically to connect  you with our GDP alumni and other graduates who are still on the  program. We also have quarterly Meet & Greet events so you can  link in person and meet other established young leaders outside of  the company and grow your professional network. 

Every rotation, you are also presented with opportunities to have  direct one-on-one meetings and coaching from our senior top  level managers including the General Managers, Finance and HR  Managers across the business. 

As long as you are in the Graduate Development Program, you will  be connected to us. If you have any questions throughout the  program, our Corporate HR and Finance Departments will always  be just a phonecall away. 

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