Consort Express Lines

Consort owns and operates a fleet of geared, multipurpose vessels and specialises in providing reliable scheduled liner shipping services. Consort is proud to offer the most extensive shipping network in Papua New Guinea, connecting 15 ports in Papua New Guinea and provide frequent service with more capacity than any other coastal operator in Papua New Guinea. Consort has the capacity to deliver containerised, general cargo, break bulk, unitised dry & refrigerated container equipment and project cargo. Consort's customer base is diverse from manufacturers and wholesalers to the extractive industry and reflecting the mix of cargoes that can be carried on the geared, multipurpose ships in the fleet. Consort has invested long term with strong supporting infrastructure and local knowledge providing an advantage to our clients in a challenging operating environment.

Trade Routes

Consort Shipping's trade routes in Papua New Guinea are vital for connecting remote communities and facilitating the transportation of goods, fostering economic growth, and cultural exchange in this diverse island nation.

Project Charters

Consort Shipping's project charters in Papua New Guinea exemplify their commitment to efficient logistics, enabling the timely delivery of critical supplies and fostering regional development.

Door to Door

Consort Shipping's door-to-door services in Papua New Guinea offer comprehensive logistics solutions, ensuring seamless transportation from origin to destination, facilitating trade and regional connectivity.

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