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Financial Calendar

Financial Calendar

Event Date
Payment of 2022 Interim Dividend 31-Oct-22
Record Date for 2022 Interim Dividend 03-Oct-22
Ex-Dividend Date for 2022 Interim Dividend 30-Sep-22
Release of 2022 Half Yearly Results 31-Aug-22
Payment of 2021 Final Dividend 29-Jul-22
Annual General Meeting 17-Jun-22
Release of 2021 Annual Report 02-May-22
Record Date for 2021 Final Dividend 29-Apr-22
Ex-Dividend Date for 2021 Final Dividend 28-Apr-22
Release of Full Year Results for 2021 31-Mar-22
Release of 2021 2nd Half Yearly Results                28-Feb-22 
Steamships Trading Company Limited

@345 Building, Levels 1-2, Stanley Esplanade, Section 20, Allotments 3,4 and 5, Port Moresby, National Capital District, Papua New Guinea

P.O. Box 1
Port Moresby
National Capital District
Papua New Guinea

(675) 3137400 or 79987000
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