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16 December 2020

Steamships supports the Salvation Army Christmas Appeal.

Steamships supports the Salvations Army Christmas Appeal.

Port Moresby

Steamships Trading Company has come to the assistance of the Salvation Army by hosting a fundraising Christmas dinner at the Ela Beach Hotel’s new restaurant- SALT on Wednesday 9th December.
The annual Christmas Appeal was sponsored by Steamships this year and is aimed at raising funds towards supporting various programs provided by Salvation Army. In a year that has been hard hit by COVID-19 and weakening support of financiers, this is a blessing.
According to Colonel Garth Niemand Of Salvation Army, “Insufficient funds coupled by the current pandemic has driven up the need for additional support for our programs. Steamships has been a terrific supporter for a number of decades and we are really appreciative of their support on this occasion.”
The three course dinner provided an opportunity for Salvation Army to talk about their programs and make an appeal to the business community for support. The event included the sale of raffle tickets and prizes donated by Coral Sea Hotels, SP Brewery, Monier and various other businesses.
Apart from sponsoring the dinner, Steamships continued support of the Salvation Army’s community work through the House of Hope, a safe house as well as learning center for various programs located near Ela Beach. Steamships property division Pacific Palms Property oversees the maintenance of House of Hope.
“It has been a challenging year for our business but despite the current economic situation, we are happy to support the Salvation Army. We are a foundational sponsor of the annual Red shield appeal as well as the operation of the House of Hope. Each year we’ve not only funded programs but continue to increase the awareness around supporting projects which have an impact in Papua New Guinea”, remarked Rupert Bray, Managing Director of Steamships.
Steamships has has a seat on the Salvation Army Advisory Board and has long supported fundraising activities including the Red Shield Appeal Golf Tournament, and has hosted events at a number of Coral Sea Hotel properties in Port Moresby.
Proceeds of the fundraising appeal will go towards supporting the work provided by the Salvation Army around the country.

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