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Our Commitment

 “Sustainability to the Steamships Group represents a meaningful investment in our people’s future, a fundamental commitment to the highest standards of health and safety at work, practical efforts to improve the lives of the communities in which we operate and genuine measures to ensure we minimise any negative environmental impacts from our diverse activities. Only by focusing on these areas will Steamships be able to ensure that our long term growth, along with the economic and social development of Papua New Guinea, is truly sustainable.” 


Improving sustainability is a process and requires systematic strategy. It starts with robust monitoring, and culminates in action. In 2011 Steamships launched a comprehensive sustainability strategy, which focused the Group's commitment to sustainable development and established mechanisms to improve the management of its operational impacts.

A Sustainability Action Group was created to oversee initiatives focused in three broad areas, Our People, Our Environment and Our Community. Key benchmarks were developed in line with one of the leading global standards for sustainability reporting – the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). Steamships’ staff were initiated in data collection against these benchmarks and the Group was able to report on initial progress in establishing the new framework in the 2011 Annual Report.

Credible sustainability planning requires engagement with stakeholders – staff, local communities, government bodies, investors and Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) - to understand properly their needs and problems. Steamships’ Sustainability Group is the principal interface between Steamships and its PNG stakeholders.  By collecting data and monitoring progress against sustainability benchmarks, Steamships aims to improve operations and increase transparency over the coming years. The Group believes these early steps will also lead to the production of a stand-alone Sustainability Report in the future.

Building on the legacy of 100 years of business leadership in PNG, Steamships aims to pioneer sustainable progress in PNG for the next generation of stakeholders. The Group remains steadfast in its commitment to supporting the people it employs, bettering the communities in which it operates and reducing the impacts it has on PNG’s unique environment. It does so because it understands that its long-term business goals can only be achieved if its business operations are imbued with the principles of sustainable development.


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