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Community is the third and final pillar of Steamships’ Sustainability Strategy. Community structures are very important in Papua New Guinea which, with a population of seven million, is home to some 700 distinct and diverse tribes and over 830 known languages. Tribal traditions and community culture remain strong in spite of the various social challenges associated with a fast-growing economy and modernising nation.

Approach to Community Development

Steamships approach to community development is based on adding value to the communities in which the Group operates, over and above the economic benefits derived from employment, taxes and levies and associated businesses. The Steamships community investment program targets four key areas: health and social welfare, education, sports and culture. Funding to these areas and  environmental initiatives  was over K1.6 million in 2012. Steamships’ community strategy is to ensure effectiveness by focusing financial support on a select group of larger, high impact activities. 

Steamships’ Divisions support various initiatives at the local level in which they operate, over and above those supported by the Group. For example, Pacific Palms Property has pursued initiatives with community groups in Badili such as the upgrading of local sports fields.

Summary of Community Investments in 2012

Area 2012 Spending (Kina) 2013 Budget (Kina)
Health & Social Welfare 908,000 1,223,000
Education & Environment       542,000 449,000
Sports & Culture 158,000 355,000
TOTAL 1,608,000 2,027,000

Organisations that we support

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