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Health and Social Welfare

Steamships supports the following health and social welfare initiatives in PNG:

YWAM Medical Ship: Steamships entered into a four (4) year agreement with YWAM Medical Ship in 2012 to supports its effort to deliver health care services to the coastal & rural parts of the Gulf and Western Province. YWAM provides ophthalmology, dental and general health care service including awareness during their outreaches. In addition to the K400,000 sponsorship, the Steamships Trading Company wharf in Port Moresby is available for the YWAM Medical Ship to berth in between its outreaches.

Business Coalition Against HIV and AIDS (BAHA): Steamships is a gold sponsor of BAHA and supported the organisation in 2012 in its efforts to provide training and HIV/AIDS awareness programs in the private and public sectors. In 2011, Steamships committed a total of K150,000 to BAHA over a 3-year period.

Operation Open Heart (OOH): Steamships’ OOH is an annual event, currently in its 16th year. It involves the flying in of doctors from Australia to carry out open heart surgery on patients that do not have access to treatment in PNG. Steamships’ staff have benefited in the past from the surgical procedures and continue to have access to the operations, while PNG cardiac surgeons and doctors have learned and gained valuable experience.

Susu Mamas Inc: Steamships continues to support Susu Mamas’s vision to reduce maternal and infant morbidity and mortality in PNG by part funding the operation of their clinics. In 2012, Steamships supported Susu Mama’s program to provide workshops on nutrition, breastfeeding and antenatal education in clinics around the country.

Cheshire Disability Services (CDS): CDS is the only organisation in PNG that takes care of, and trains, people living with disabilities. They currently house a total of 21 disabled people and provide training and education to others living in communities around Port Moresby. In 2012 Steamships funded the annual wages of two CDS staff.

Salvation Army ‘Red Shield Appeal’: Steamships continued its partnership with the Salvation Army, through which it annually hosts the Red Shield Golf Day tournament and provides K100,000 to launch the Red Shield Appeal.

Rotary against Malaria (RAM): RAM continues to fight to contain and prevent malaria in PNG. The organisation distributes mosquito nets to villages around the country. Steamships’ support for RAM ensures that people in the rural areas in which the Group operates have access to treated mosquito nets.

Halfway House & Tembari Children Care Inc: The Halfway House gives women and children who are victims of violence and abuse a place to take shelter. Steamships supports the Halfway House by assisting in the purchase of food for the women and children that live there.  Tembari Children Care Inc is a day care facility at the ATS Oro Settlement in Seven Mile, just outside Port Moresby.

Steamships’ “Make a Child Smile” project: This project involves Steamships’ employees visiting hospitals and other institutions over the Christmas season. Staff collected toys throughout the year and delivered them to the institution of their choice as gifts during Christmas.

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