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Environmental sustainability is the second pillar of Steamships’ Sustainability Strategy. It is a corporate priority and a Key Performance Indicator for the Group.

Papua New Guinea has a remarkably diverse environment, ranging from mountain ranges rising to 4,400 metres above sea level to hot, humid lowland rainforests and swamps. It is also home to unique marine areas including diverse coral reefs, mangrove forests and coastal wetlands. A vast number of plant, mammal, reptile, fish and bird species highlight the incredible biodiversity of the country.

Steamships is very aware of the potential impacts its business operations can have on this unique environment and is committed to minimising its footprint at every stage of each operational process across the Group.

Approach to Environmental Sustainability

Coordinated by the Group HSSE Manager, Environmental Aspects & Impacts (EAI’s) registries are being developed and implemented in each Division. EAI’s identify, monitor and update Divisions on the specific environmental impacts of business operations and support the development of plans to minimise or eliminate these. Progress on EAIs is monitored across the year through an inspection and audit process.

Steamships firmly believes that environmental education is one of the most effective ways to ensure the principles of environmental sustainability are understood and adopted within the Group and the community. Steamships was an active participant in various community environmental programs in 2012, often working in collaboration with the PNG Government, local community groups and other private companies.

The Group is a major supporter of PNG’s World Environment Day celebrations, because of their focus on educating children about conservation and the PNG environment.  Steamships supports the school component of the celebrations by sponsoring the prizes and awards for the competition “Best Environmentally Friendly School” at five schools in the National Capital District, as well as the “School Innovation Project.”

Progress continues at the Swire Papua New Guinea Rainforest Study (SPRS), with plans to develop five new forest plots finalised in 2012. The project continues to be well supported by local communities and by the end of 2012 had provided access to formal education for over 200 children in the research area.

Steamships announced the inaugural recipient of the Swire Conservation Scholarship in Forest Science and Conservation during 2012. This Scholarship, funded by the Swire Educational Trust, aims to support individuals of exceptional promise in developing leadership roles in forest science and management in PNG. It provides the opportunity for a student from PNG to achieve a Master of Science by research at an international university of their choice.

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